This luxury getaway in Bali lets you choose your own path to wellness

This luxury getaway in Bali lets you choose your own path to wellness

Others, like the quantum healing visualisation session, as well as the women circle healing and unveiling masculine healing are perhaps more suited for those who may be more ready to face their emotional and mental “blockages” head on.

The first session of the day was vibrational sound therapy, where metal Tibetan singing bowls are used to create healing sounds at specific frequencies. When done well, proponents of this practice swear by its therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, I found it impossible to get anywhere close to nirvana because the well-meaning instructor had placed the metal bowls right next to our ears, so each chime felt like an alarm clock jolting me right back to my senses.

Thankfully, the next chakra balancing activity, which featured a gentle series of stretching and strengthening exercises as well as another shorter sound therapy session, worked wonders at resetting my jangled nerves.

(Tip: Those who would like to maximise their wellness activities should check out the timetable of sessions before making reservations to ensure their stay overlaps with the classes and workshops they are interested in attending.)

After all that activity, it was time to visit the crowning glory of Mandapa’s wellness line-up – its spa. Besides a range of facilities like steam rooms, saunas and a rooftop vitality pool which is open to the resort’s guests, there is also an extensive treatment menu of facials, scrubs, massages, and all manner of beauty treatments. As its name implies, the Blissful Marma Massage, which features firm, flowing strokes, worked like a charm in soothing muscular tension.