Putin takes North Korea’s Kim for a drive around Pyongyang in Russian-made limousine

Putin travelled in one of the Aurus Senat, retro-styled after the Soviet-era ZIL car, to the most recent Kremlin opening ceremony in May.

Putin showed Kim one of the cars when he visited southeast Russia in September of last year. Impersonating Putin in the car, Kim sat next to him and seemed to like it.

Due to UN Security Council resolutions that forbid the import of luxury goods to North Korea, Kim has a huge collection of luxurious international vehicles that have likely been smuggled in.

He has been spotted in a Maybach car, some Mercedes, a Rolls- Royce Phantom and a Lexus sports utility vehicle.

A top Russian standard announced last month that Russia would begin producing Aurus luxury vehicles this year at a previous Toyota factory in St. Petersburg.

Autostat, a Russian scientific firm, reports that 40 Aurus-branded vehicles have been sold in Russia so far this year.