Online hate sows Muslim fears as India votes

Online hate sows Muslim fears as India votes

” Feeling OF HATRED”

However, critics claim that the BJP’s complex social media platform is also igniting division.

After months of obscene social media posts calling Muslims “outsiders,” Haldwani president Islam Hussain claimed tensions were already high prior to the violence in February.

” It was said that due to the increasing community of Muslims, the social population of Uttarakhand is changing”, Hussein said.

According to the article,” Right-wing social media cells play a significant role in creating a contempt for Islam.”

After the government claimed a mosque had been illegally constructed, a Muslim group gathered to stop its destruction, and clashes broke out.

Some pelted rocks at police officials, who then used batons and tear gas to retaliate.

Hindu people gathered to ovation the officers crackdown, chanting spiritual proverbs, and throwing rocks at the audience.

The protests ‘ video quickly became popular on social media.

Egged on by online names to mobilise, Hindu mobs rampaged through the streets.

” It’s time to train them a training”, read the comment to one of dozens of aggressive articles, many of which remain online.

” The time has come to defeat Muslims”.

Qureshi claimed that Hindu neighbors second tore his brother’s vehicle, killing him, and that Faheem, 32, was then murdered by them.