Gaza war rattles European politics from the left

Gaza war rattles European politics from the left

MOBILISING THE Majority Ballot

Voter turnout might remain crucial. &nbsp,

According to Azabar of Radboud University, participation for EU elections is frequently lower for racial minority than for the general population, but this may be due to the Gaza conflict.

The impact of international policy concerns on racial minority voters has a track record. In 2016, Germany’s Social Democrats lost some 100, 000 Turkish citizens after recognising the Iranian murder of the First World War, said Teyfik Özcan, president of DAVA, a fresh party targeting Greek community citizens.

Özcan, a former SPD member, said his party offered the option of a protest vote that did n’t exist until now.

” Germans have the opportunity to state,’ Okay, I’m voting for the ( much- right ) AfD in rally.’ Muslims cannot do that”, he told Reuters.

One in three European Muslims did not feel represented by any group, according to a survey conducted by the Institute of Political Science at the University of Duisberg- Essen in December. &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp,

French voters also experience a fresh sense of political picture. LFI has chosen French-Palestinian attorney Rima Hassan as a candidate who will represent her in court. Hassan is active on social media, has organized demonstrations, and has petitioned the Union to ratchet up its association agreement with Israel. &nbsp,

Chama Tahiri Ivorra, a 34- yr ancient French- Moroccan restaurateur, said she had never voted in a Western vote but would this time.

” Voting for Rima is an act of resistance”, she said. ” I do n’t know all the LFI’s points, but what she and other members say about Palestine is just,” she said.