Einstein and anime: Hong Kong university tests AI professors

Einstein and anime: Hong Kong university tests AI professors

Individuals at a Hong Kong university watch an AI-generated Albert Einstein explain game idea while wearing virtual reality headsets.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ( HKUST ) is conducting a course that examines the use of” AI lecturers” as the artificial intelligence revolution spreads globally.

Concerns over cheating, copying, and the replacement of mortal instructors have risen as a result of the widespread use of tools like ChatGPT.

The job prospect for HKUST’s AI job, Professor Pan Hui, is not concerned about being replaced by the technology, but believes it can really help address what he described as a global teacher lack.

” Artificial teachers can provide in richness, take in an interesting element, and even interactive storytelling”, Hui told AFP.

In his” Social Media for Creatives” program, AI- generated instructors tell 30 article- graduate students about engaging technologies and the impact of digital platforms.

After the presentation slides are included in a program, these instructors are created. The looks, voices and gestures of the avatars can be customised, and they can be displayed on a screen or VR headsets.

Hui, who claims the system frees human lecturers from the “more tedious” aspects of their jobs, has mixed this with in-person instruction.

The benefit of AI lecturers was the ability to tailor them to individual preferences and increase learning, according to Lerry Yang, a student whose PhD research focuses on the metaverse.

If the AI teacher “makes me feel more mentally receptive, or if it feels approachable and friendly, that erases the feeling of distance between me and the professor”, she told AFP.