Chef Andres says Israel targeted his aid workers ‘systematically’

Chef Andres says Israel targeted his aid workers 'systematically'

Celebrity chef Jose Andres told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday ( Apr 3 ) that an Israeli attack that killed seven of his food aid workers in Gaza had targeted them” systematically, car by car.”

Speaking in a movie meeting, Andres said the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charity party he founded had apparent connection with the Israeli government, which he said knew his aid workers ‘ movements.

This was not a “bad chance circumstance where,’ oops,’ we dropped the bomb in the inappropriate location”, Andres said. No democratic nation and no military can be attacking civilians and humanitarians, even if we were n’t in coordination with the ( Israel Defense Forces ).

The support workers were killed when their convoy was struck soon after they oversaw the loading of 100 tons of meals from Gaza by water. Israel’s martial expressed” significant pain” over the event and Prime Minister Netanyahu called it unexpected.

Andres claimed to be in Gaza with his staff, but he was unable to return for various causes due to various circumstances.