Chinese kindergartens pivot to senior care as population ages

TAIYUAN: Top citizens influence to old-time music at a previous preschool in northern China as educators turn their attention away from children in the wake of a baby boom and a rapidly aging population.

According to official statistics, hundreds of millions of Chinese people will eventually reach retirement due to the government’s severely low birth rate.

The education field is already being hit by the recession, with thousands of classrooms closing nationwide as enrollment declines.

Others are adapting to the times, such as a hospital in Shanxi province that has swapped out chirroed children for more older people.

“( The problem ) became particularly evident as the number of children continued to decrease”, principal Li Xiuling, 56, told AFP.

I considered how to make the most of my school after it was emptied out, she said.

Li’s school was founded in 2005 and previously served as many as 280 kids, but closed final time.

In December, it reopened as Ideas of Youth, a fun facility for people over the age of retirement.

The area in the provincial capital Taiyuan boasts around 100 adult learners of music, dancing, modelling and different content.

” It’s rather a democratic idea”, Li said. They realize some of the goals they had when they were young.

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Analysis: High-value industries versus labour-intensive jobs among policy dilemmas confronting Johor-Singapore SEZ

However, Dr Francis Hutchinson, Malaysia Studies Programme representative at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, believes that while reducing government is important,” very little focus” is placed on financial opportunities. The thorough follow-up that follows an expenditure is frequently overlooked, he told CNA. Existing investors choosing to improve their investments and performContinue Reading

Modi’s Russia visit part of larger push for India to be a global power, say observers


Despite the US expressing worries about military and business relations between the two countries, India is not shy about engaging with Russia, according to observers. &nbsp,

Former American ambassador to the US, Meera Shankar, stated that” India has been cautious to follow a more natural stance, never siding with the European countries in cornering Russia.” &nbsp,

” As a final result, if Russia feels trapped inside, the chances of a lawsuit are more slim.” Therefore, we believe it is crucial to avoid Russia being completely tucked into the Taiwanese box.

Some economists think Russia is attempting to de-escalate India’s relations with China.

Russia has been pushing for India and China to resume a multilateral dialogue. However, that group has n’t gotten together since 2020, when Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a bloody conflict in eastern Ladakh, which sparked a border standoff that is still in place today. &nbsp,

The visit of former American ambassador to China Vikram Misri as the government’s new foreign minister is seen as a signal that India may be eager to rekindle diplomatic ties despite border differences still causing pressure between the Asiatic giants.

Lately, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar held a rare conference with China’s fresh minister to India Xu Feihong, where the two stressed on a common interest in stabilising relationships.

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Japan’s public school teachers plagued by massive overtime, overwork and poor mental health

Authorities Regard REFORMS

Officials in Japan have urged reforms like sourcing, digitizing some tasks, and hiring more support staff to deal with the issue immediately.

Some schools, like Ms Kurayama’s, are taking the initiative to reduce operating hours too.

Principal of Shimoda Elementary School, Kazuhiro Nakamura, claimed that all classes then end after breakfast and that Wednesday afternoon classes have been discontinued.

” Teachers can focus on (other ) duties in the afternoon. We counsel them to take a break and return house. That way, they may feel motivated to face the remaining weeks of the week”, he added.

Despite the college’s work, Ms Kurayama has found herself bogged down by sessions and unable to keep work earlier. &nbsp,

This has prompted Mr Nakamura to ponder another alterations, including playing to the teachers ‘ strengths, so that those who are good at counseling students, for example, help those who are not.

He noted:” All has strengths and weaknesses. If teachers may support one another, each tutor can choose the position that best suits them, and the working environment will likely be better.


However, these adjustments are still uncommon in Japan, mainly because the training committee for each neighborhood’s neighborhood needs to first approve changes.

Some instructors are taking matters into their own hands to figure out a way to carry on as shifts slowly occur.

An 18-year trainer named Mr. Takashi Koshimizu founded an training forum where schoolteachers can discuss their issues and exchange ideas with one another.

Teachers from several institutions alternately host it on their days off, with some registering online.

They take turns giving seminars in an unorthodox way, such as by playing stone, papers and scissors. Some people find its innovative approach and group discussion meetings to be more beneficial than the typical teacher training programs.

Ms Kurayama said:” Here, all breaks out of their shell. We turn into kids and pick up a lot of skills.

” The method I speak to the children, the method I have a dialogue, I learnt everything around.”

The instructors themselves have problems of their own, particularly the strain of completing a long list of tasks.

Mr. Koshimizu cited the importance of dividing responsibilities between teachers and preventing people from exceeding their capacity, calling the current situation “abnormal.”

” We are makers, we do the selling, planning, customer support, control issues, approach them. These are handled by one man, “he added.

Movement TAKES A Burden

Mr. Koshimizu was moved to a different class last year because the teachers in Tokyo public colleges are rotated between them every six years. &nbsp,

This may take a burden on confidence and security, as in the case of his protege, Ms Kumi Sugaya. &nbsp,

The 26-year-old was left struggling without anyone to link her. Although she was the only room teacher, her emotional health took a tailspin, but she was unable to take time off.

After four years of teaching in open schools, she ultimately left in March.

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Sacked Bersatu MP sues party for revoking membership; Parliament Speaker defends decision not to vacate seats

SINGAPORE: One of the six Members of Parliament ( MP ) expelled from Malaysia’s opposition party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia ( Bersatu) for supporting Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is suing the party for revoking his membership. &nbsp,

The Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, the House of Representatives in Malaysia, has defended his decision to keep the MPs ‘ chairs, claiming he is certainly a “postman” delivering Bersatu information. &nbsp,

According to the Malay Mail, Labuan MP Suhaili Abdul Rahman sued Bersatu for violating his constitutional rights to personal liberty, free speech, and association in a lawsuit that was filed with the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Monday ( Jul 8 ), and for obstructing him from serving his constituents. &nbsp,

According to local media, he also accused Bersatu of acting illegally in the subject, alleging that its decision violated the country’s political democracy, which was a crime under Area 124B of the Penal Code and covered activities that endangered political democracy. &nbsp,

One of the seven elected representatives who was expelled from their position because he supported the Malay top is Mr. Suhaili. One of the six is a Selangor express assembly, while the other is a national MP. &nbsp,

The six federal MPs are: Mr Suhaili, Dr Zulkafperi Hanapi ( Tanjong Karang ), Mr Zahari Kechik ( Jeli), Mr Iskandar Dzulkarnain Abdul Khalid ( Kuala Kangsar ), Mr Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal ( Bukit Gantang ), and Mr Mohd Azizi Abu Naim ( Gua Musang ). &nbsp,

They were fired from the group last month after failing to rescind their support for Mr. Anwar and failing to comply with a letter from the party’s high leadership council pledging allegiance to the organization.

Abdul Rashid Asari, a former president of Selangor Bersatu, and Selat Klang assembly, also expressed support for Amirudin Shari’s leadership. Mr. Amirudin is a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( PKR ) under Mr. Anwar.

Johari Abdul, the speech of Dewan Rakyat, defended his choice on Thursday, adding that he was not the person who delivered Bersatu’s information to the Election Commission. &nbsp,

His decision had been communicated to the Bersatu authority on Wednesday.

Mr. Johari claimed to have explained his choice in a letter to Ronald Kiandee, the leader of Bersatu. In a recent conversation to discuss the issue, Mr. Kiandee, who is also a Beluran MP, had raised a ranking order.

” I want to make it clear that I am not a postman”, Mr Johari said, as quoted in local media. When I receive a observe like the one the Beluran MP mentioned, I will make sure I study every detail involved.

” And I made the decision, and my determination remains … there are no jobs.”

Mr Johari’s ruling was met with backlash from MPs within and outside Bersatu, including deputy president of Islamist Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( PAS ) Ibrahim Tuan Man, who claimed that the decision went against Article 49A of the Federal Constitution’s anti-hopping law.

Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia ( Gerakan ) and PAS are both parties in the opposition coalition Perikatan Nasional ( PN). &nbsp,

Mr. Ibrahim claims that the legislation mandates that an MP who leaves his group must resign from office after forming a new political party.

” The question then is, what is the point of having an anti-party leaping regulation if it is not enforced?,” said Mr Ibrahim in a Twitter posting on Wednesday.

However, some have defended the selection, including Mr Anwar, who said that Mr Johari’s decision was in accordance with the law. &nbsp,

Additionally, Mr. Anwar made note of Bersatu’s opposition to automated seat forfeiture for expelled members, which led to the inclusion of exceptions in the constitution during his early years.

While Malaysia’s anti-party leaping law applies to MPs who quit their celebration, it did not apply to those who have been fired, according to a political analyst CNA recently spoke to. &nbsp,

The expert added that the MPs who were expelled may be formally recognized as politicians.

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Commentary: Jemaah Islamiyah is no more, but the terror threat it poses will persist

Frequent Risks

The possible formation of splinter groups by another top leaders and members who might not agree with the dissolution poses the initial threat.

The majority of JI people are likely to pursue the dissolution call. As a result of a revamped selection process and domestic surveillance system, JI individuals recruited over the past century have been mostly disciplined in accordance with the news.

Nevertheless, there are radical groups in JI that may believe. However, there has been precedence of like factions operating autonomously.

Imaruddin made use of the immediate power vacuum created by Para Wijayanto’s imprisonment in 2019 to launch attacks, an action JI has forbidden since 2011. His faction made plans to attack Chinese-Indonesian owned stores in Banten, West Java and East Java, amassed over 260 million rupiah ( US$ 16, 060 ), and procured two firearms before being arrested.

The second risk is a plot to invade well-known religious organizations and mobilise public support for the establishment of an Islamic express in Indonesia.

In the past ten years, JI’s preferred strategy has changed from using violence to using dakwah ( preaching ). Some JI researchers claimed that “if establishing an Islamist position were the purpose, above-ground organizations like the Islamic Defenders Front had made more progress than JI.”

Finally, JI recognised that it does not need to prospect dakwah efforts. It has been releasing JI seniors from the organization’s structure so they can get on community leadership positions. Ahmad Zain-An-Najah, the most well-known case of this, was a member of the influential Indonesian Ulema Council when he was detained for JI connections in 2021.

Even after the organization stops operating, JI was continue its efforts to support JI radical ideology.

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