Xi praised for role in China’s rise

Xi praised for role in China's rise
Xi: No road too long
Xi: No road too long

Fostering modern Chinese identity is the key to developing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and strengthening its ties with China, a seminar organised by China Media Group was told on Friday.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), the One Belt One Road research centre and the Thai-Chinese Journalists Association (TCJA) the seminar was held in Bangkok and focused on the economic opportunities arising from globalisation.

Participants also included more than 100 representatives from the business sector and media outlets. Most agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s concept of modern Chinese identity as they saw it as benefitting the China-Laos-Thailand railway link, which stands to strengthen connections between China and Asean.

Mr Xi said “no mountain is too high for man to scale and no road too long for man to walk”, which was important as China moved into a new phase of economic development.

Danuch Tanterdtid, secretary to the minister of higher education, said Chinese-Thai cooperation on innovation was vital to the process.

Wirun Phichaiwongphakdee, director of the research centre, said China has spent a decade strengthening cooperation under the One Belt One Road initiative and the China-Laos-Thailand railway link.

TCJA president Phuwanat Na Songkhla said China’s strength in science, technology, national integration and economics can help ease problems worldwide. Tankhun Jittitsara, adviser to the Commerce Ministry, said the concept will elevate Chinese industry which will benefit Asean, stabilise the global supply chain and restore the global economy.

Thitinan Chankoson, associate professor from the Faculty of Business Administration for Society at Srinakharinwirot University, said modernism shows up in city infrastructure, and more broadly quality of life.