WP calls for BTO eligibility age for singles to be lowered, boost in HDB flat supply

WP calls for BTO eligibility age for singles to be lowered, boost in HDB flat supply

Mr Chua said that BTO smooth application rates have got climbed over the past decade to new heights.

To get three-room and bigger flats, this increased from 2 . almost eight times in 2012 to 6. 1 moments in 2021. Pertaining to two-room flexi houses, whose buyers are more likely to be the elderly or even singles, application prices rose from second . 8 times this year to 3. six times in 2021, he said.

Despite the ramp-up in flat supply this season, application rates reach new record heights, he added.

“While I recognize that our proposal upon singles’ BTO eligibility could increase limited demand for two-room flexi flats, it will not detract from the proven fact that there appears to be serious imbalances in the housing industry, ” he mentioned, adding that the “spill-over effects” of this are usually higher HDB resale prices.


On why the BTO eligibility age for public should be lowered in order to 28, Mr Chua said that by that age, most Singaporeans would have had a few chance to “lead self-employed lives and steady their financial footing”.

Citing the National Youth Council’s 2021 publication in the state of young ones in Singapore, Mr Chua said that when it comes to aspirations or lifetime goals, the top selection of youths here had been to maintain strong family relationships while the second choice was “to have a place of the own”.

“While it is abundantly apparent that many Singaporeans exactly who may be single designed for various reasons before the age of 35 want to have a place of their own, many simply cannot afford to do so, ” he or she said.

“Should we not consider further enabling solitary Singaporeans to meet their particular housing needs and aspirations? ”

The WP proposes to reduce the BTO eligibility age in order to 28, and not that for the resale market, said Mr Chua so that the incremental need is met by means of new supply instead of through existing provide and via the currently “buoyant” HDB resale market.

He said that with a waiting time of up to 5. 7 years as of the August 2022 BTO launch, a single who successfully ballots for a BTO level at age 28, would certainly already be near to 35 years old when he or she can move in to the flat.

He also touched upon grants for even buyers, saying that solitary buyers are not entitled to the range of casing grants available to married couples.

If the Federal government has budgetary problems or believe that more youthful singles should not provided incentives to buy a host to their own, the level of casing grants can be on a “graduated scale”, this individual said.


In 1991, singles over thirty-five were allowed to purchase resale HDB houses but limited to three-room flats in chosen locations. The rules had been further relaxed over the years, and in 2013, public over 35 were allowed to buy new, subsidised two-room houses from the HDB.

Mr Chua declared that these developments demonstrated that the Government can be responsive to the transforming demographics of culture, but the general tolerance of excluding singles below 35 years of age seems to have been “retained by default” given that 1991. This is in spite of changing demographics plus societal mindsets.

Mr Chua said that the policy had been based on the implicit expectation that Singaporeans ought to get married before turning 35 years old, and will live with their mothers and fathers before marriage. But  Singaporeans are now keeping single for longer designed for various reasons, and not moving straight from their particular parents’ home right into a matrimonial home, he said.

“This rule has severe implications on the increasing number of singles under 35, depriving them of the security associated with home ownership if they are priced out of the private market, the personal and HDB rental market and not getting a place of their own plus build their own lives, ” he stated.