Watch out for hackers using Queen Elizabeth II's death for scams!

Watch out for hackers using Queen Elizabeth II's death for scams!

Some unscrupulous cyber-terrorist are quick to utilize the latest news and events to start new phishing strategies aimed at stealing no more than personal data from online users. The latest example comes with the death associated with Queen Elizabeth II.

Phishing assaults are on the rise and the authorities are actually on the case. In the uk, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is warning internet users about the risks associated with phishing attacks plus various scams during this period of mourning following a death of Queen Elizabeth II. Cybercriminals have been spotted encouraging, for example , people to book tickets for the lying-in-state, or even to buy queue-jump tickets, even though the event does not require a ticket and is free of charge.

Phishing is when criminals use emails or SMS to attempt to deceive their upcoming victims. This usually involves clicking on a web link, which leads to a page that collects any data you enter or sometimes automatically installs malware on your own device. The first reported attacks were particularly aimed at Microsoft customers.

Messages originating from unknown contacts concerning the Queen’s death need to therefore be considered since suspicious. The golden rule is to never click on a suspicious link in an email, which may send you to a corrupted site. Likewise, you should never open unforeseen attachments or attachments with an unknown file format.

Cybercriminals often play on the emotions of internet users and don’t hesitate to use main news events to deceive them. Earlier this year, this was also the case with the start of the battle in Ukraine. – AFP Relaxnews