US, China call for stable ties in latest top-level talks

US, China call for stable ties in latest top-level talks

United Nations: As the two countries held their second high-level talks in days, the top diplomat of the United States and vice president of China expressed hope on Monday( Sept 18 ) for more stability in the frequently tense relationship.

On the outside of the UN General Assembly, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Vice President Han Zheng in New York and expressed his belief in” face-to-face geopolitics” to resolve conflicts.

As they convened their conference at China’s vision to the UN, Blinken told Han,” I believe it is a good thing that we have this opportunity to build on the new high-level commitments that our nations have had.”

” Make sure we’re maintaining open contacts and show that we are properly managing the connection between our two nations” are the goals of the talks.

The two largest economies in the world, according to Han,” face a lot of difficulties and challenges.”

He stated that” the world needs healthy, stable US-China relations, which benefit both China and the US as well as the entire world.”

The meeting will take place as the United States closely monitors staff changes in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping personally selected Qin Gang to serve as foreign minister, but Wang Yi, a seasoned policymaker, instantly took his place in July.

Wang may have momentarily met with President Joe Biden at the annual UN meeting, as US officials initially anticipated, but China announced that Han, a relatively lesser-known figure, would instead attend.

However, Wang, who also oversees the international coverage of the Communist Party, spoke with Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor, in Malta over the weekend.