Touch ‘n Go Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 winners

Touch ‘n Go Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 winners

  • Provides college students with platform in order to innovate, foster entrepreneurial skills
  • Student tasked to create innovation way to encourage eWallet usage 

Team Leh Go, the winner of the grand prize winner of the Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 Touch ‘n Move eWallet has announced the winners of its Young Entrepreneurship Problem 2022 following the Fantastic Finals held recently.

In the statement, the company said the Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 provides students with a platform to experience, innovate plus foster their entrepreneurial skills within the eWallet industry.  

It mentioned a total of 93 individuals and 88 teams, through a group total of 256 presentation decks, discussed their most innovative ideas on how Touch ‘n Go eWallet could continue to increase pleasure while encouraging continuous usage of the eWallet among Malaysians.

The objective of the task was to encourage students to display their inspirations meant for Touch ‘n Go eWallet as the first cashless payment of preference in Malaysia, it said.

According to Touch ‘n Go eWallet, five teams comprising a total of 18 learners were selected in order to proceed to the fantastic finals.  

Most of the participants were students through local public plus private universities, including that the challenge also received participation through Malaysian students learning overseas, from Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, it said.

The top 5 ideas that made it to the finals had been from Team MOP, Team Leh Move, Team Imagine Wonderland, and Team Touch ‘n Glow.

Alan National insurance, chief executive officer of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd, “Most of them introduced such great revolutionary ideas and it made our job a bit harder during evaluation.

“We appreciate their excitement in pitching their creative ideas as it inspires and inspires Touch ‘n Go eWallet to strive to do better than before, ” he said.  

The grand prize went to Team Leh Go from Sunway College with their GoShare concept of a shared budget system that offers split bills, manages budget, and tracks costs.

The particular team received US$2, 190 (RM10, 000) Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit as well as an US$219 (RM1, 000) Klook voucher for every member.  

Team Envision Fantasy, comprising learners from Universiti Malaya and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, received second prize, with the idea of GOCity.

The team received US$1, 750 (RM8, 000) Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit and an US$219 (RM1, 000) Klook voucher for each member.  

For their GOsave idea, Team MOP, comprising students from Nationwide University of Singapore, University of Nottingham Malaysia and Nanyang Technological University, placed third, and obtained US$1, 098 (RM5, 000) Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit score and an US$219 (RM1, 000) Klook coupon for each member.

Other finalists also received awards as a reward for his or her submission and involvement in the challenge, Contact ‘n Go stated.

The top four and five finalists received US$429 (RM2, 000) Contact ‘n Go eWallet credit and US$219 (RM1, 000) Klook voucher for each associate, while the top 6 to ten finalists received US$219 (RM1, 000) Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit and US$175 (RM800) Klook voucher for each member.

Ni said that involvement in the Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 has encouraged and expanded the students’ thinking abilities in generating innovative solutions to issue statements and helped them to develop fascination with entrepreneurship.

“Our heartiest congratulations to all the those who win – we truly appreciate their careful efforts in posting and sharing their own ideas with us and are also excited about making the winners’ ideas a real possibility in the future, ” this individual added.

Besides winning the task, the 18 grand finalists also obtained an open job provide to join TNG Electronic Sdn Bhd on graduation.