Thais push SD goals at 77th UN meeting

Thais push SD goals at 77th UN meeting

Thailand provides joined the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 77) in New York to force Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs) as part of the post-Covid-19 recovery efforts, sys the International Affairs Ministry.

Eksiri Pintaruchi, International Organisation Section director-general under the ministry, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Don Pramudvinai might lead the Thai team at the conference between Sept 17-25 in New York City.

The concept of this year’s program is “A Watershed Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interlocking Challenges”. The lady said Thailand offers four objectives in participating. The first is in order to reconnect with the entire world leaders in person following the summit was held on-line during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Among 24 highlight conferences, Thailand will attend more than 10 conferences and will co-chair some meetings on the topics of mental into the education, the universal health care scheme, Asean and the SDGs plan, ” she stated.

Subsequently, Thailand would focus on international collaboration, specially when the world faces various challenges including politics conflicts, financial downturn and other emergencies.

“Thailand will certainly reinforce the SDGs to get back on the right track at the meeting, inch she added. To achieve the goal, Thailand will promote the adequacy economy philosophy plus promote the bio-circular-green (BCG) economic model.

Finally, Thailand would existing its role since the Asia-Pacific Economic Assistance (Apec) host by giving presentations of various conference outcomes that have been held so far in Thailand, she said.

“Thailand will even announce its candidacy as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2025–2027, ” she added. Finally, Thailand would attend other activities organised from the host country and meet Thais within New York.

“As the world is usually recovering from the pandemic, there are many challenges, including regional conflicts that have shaken the idea of multilateralism, ” she added.