Taiwan urges China to stop ‘destructive’ military activities

Taiwan urges China to stop 'destructive' military activities

TAIPEI: After reporting a sharp increase in Chinese military activity close to the island on Monday( Sep 18 ), Taiwan’s defense ministry urged China to stop” destructive, unilateral action ,” warning that such behavior could result in an abrupt rise in tensions.

China, which considers Taiwan to be politically governed as its own territory, has been conducting military drills around the island on a regular basis in recent years in an effort to stress Taipei and assert its sovereignty claims.

According to the government, 103 Chinese military aircraft have been spotted over the ocean since Sunday, which it referred to as a” new high.”

Fighter jets were seen crossing the Taiwan Strait’s median line, which had been an illegal barrier between the two sides until China started constantly crossing it a year ago, according to its map of Foreign activities over the previous 24 hours.

Through the Bashi Channel, which divides the area from the Philippines, additional airplane flew north of Taiwan.

According to the government in an accompanying declaration, China’s activities over the past time have” major challenges” to protection in the strait and locally.

It continued,” The popular tasks of all events in the region are peace and stability in Taiwan Strait.”

According to the department,” constant military abuse by the Communist government can easily result in a sharp rise in tensions and increase regional security.” ” We call on the Beijing officials to accept accountability and put an immediate end to such harmful unilateral steps.”