Student threatened women on Facebook after finding their intimate images leaked online by purported hacker

SINGAPORE: After coming across some links online to compromising images and footage of women purportedly obtained by a hacker, a tertiary student downloaded some of the content to his computer. After reviewing the content, he contacted two of the women online under a fake profile and threatened them in orderContinue Reading

Alarmed by suicide attack, China and Pakistan work together on probe

KARACHI, Pakistan: It was the kind of attack Pakistani authorities had dreaded. A highly educated female suicide bomber killed three Chinese teachers in Karachi in April along with their local driver, targeting nationals from Pakistan’s most important partner and seeking to undermine a relationship on which Islamabad’s financial survival largelyContinue Reading

UK’s first Anglo-Asian leader grips a poison chalice

The empire has struck back with a vengeance, as Anglo-Indian Rishi Sunak takes the United Kingdom’s national helm as its first-ever non-Caucasian prime minister. In a country that has had a sometimes vexed relationship with multi-culturalism, it speaks much of the millennial UK’s embrace of its ethnic minorities that Sunak has become prime minister. It […]Continue Reading