Sustainable companies ‘key to future’

Sustainable companies 'key to future'

Sustainable businesses and startups perform a key role within turning sustainable development policy into practice but they need more collaboration from the private sector, according to a forum in Bangkok.

“Impact NOW: Sustainable Business Showcase and Multi-Chamber Networking” was co-hosted by the Foreign Ministry, National Institute Agency and the British Council last week. The chambers of commerce associated with 14 countries as well as trade associations took part and invited their members to engage in discussions about network to achieve this goal.

Vilawan Mangklatanakul, director-general of the Foreign Ministry’s treaties and legal affairs division, said sustainable businesses are dynamic forces traveling the economy forwards. “We want to emphasize the contribution which usually Thailand’s innovation-led development is making. This is the community that makes a difference because they put policy affirmation into exercise, ” she stated.

“Policies tied to the sustainable development goals [SDGs] or maybe the Bio-Circular-Green [BCG] economy are among those we are evolving as the Apec sponsor this year, ” the lady said, referring to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

But placing policy into exercise is not enough because the private sector and startups need stronger networks to achieve their particular sustainable development goals, she said. Helga Stellmacher, country director of the British Authorities (Thailand), said collaboration with international companies can help social enterprises gain access to experts from abroad.