Singapore risks gentrification if public housing left to market forces: Desmond Lee

Singapore risks gentrification if public housing left to market forces: Desmond Lee


Mr Shelter said new guidelines have been introduced through the years to make public housing more accessible to the likes of public and senior citizens.

Compared to the previous providing of studio apartments on 30-year ownership durations, seniors have 2-room Flexi flats with more versatile leases to accommodate their particular plans, he pointed out.

“We possess built integrated senior housing in Kampung Admiralty , continuing to study whether such a design really empowers the particular seniors living presently there, because it is a top to bottom kampong, ” Mr Lee added.

“And (we) are trying another one out, along with slightly different constructions, at Yew Tee . Again, seniors casing integrated with different providers.

“We see what the seniors respond to, how to ensure in seniors housing we have mixing that attracts young people, young children ahead and make use of the services and interact with the particular seniors. ”

The minister said a second pilot set of Community Care Apartments : after the first in Bukit Batok — will be launched shortly to provide housing along with senior-friendly features and customisable care services.

There is also an Enhanced Lease Buyback Scheme to help seniors to monetise their flats even as they will continue living in them, said Mr Lee.

“Our public housing journey demonstrates and mirrors the growth and development of our modern society as we evolve and change. And it is a product of the evolving social small between Government and individuals, and between every and everyone of us, ” he mentioned.

“And what we should decide to do, what we decide to consume or use, will also effect what is available for long term generations. ”