Save our children: PM urged to use Asean platform to end human trafficking syndicates preying on Malaysian youths

Save our children: PM urged to use Asean platform to end human trafficking syndicates preying on Malaysian youths

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has been advised to use the Asean platform to stop the ongoing human trafficking syndicates preying upon young Malaysians in countries like Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, urged non-governmental companies.

Some thirty families with sufferers of human trafficking are pleading with the Prime Minister to put an end to the ruthless syndicate preying on Malaysians and save the victims which were already stuck during these Asean countries.

The families, by making use of Malaysia International Humanitarian education Organisation Malaysia (MHO), Malaysia Community Criminal offense Care (MCCC) and Semboyan Malaysia Consumer Association, submitted the memorandum to Ismail Sabri at the Excellent Minister’s Office, here, on Monday (Sept 19).

MHO secretary-general Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim said that today was the time for the Prime Minister to intervene at the highest level, which was via Asean in a bid to help victims of those syndicates to come house.

“These syndicates operate differently than others, they are shielded by authorities within their respective countries.

“This is because Malaysians who do manage to escape and look for help from the nearby police, are brought back to the syndicate leaders and agents.

“If a law enforcement report is lodged, there is no further actions as well.

“We need the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to immediately get involved because it cannot be solved between embassies because they have limited sources and power.

“The Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) needs to use the Asean platform, which has traditionally been used for trading, ” he told the press upon Monday (Sept 19).

Previously, he or she said that they had delivered the matter to the Home and Foreign ministries to seek the help of Malaysia’s embassies in the particular countries.

This individual also said the federal government needed to step up in the efforts and not use bureaucracy as an reason in handling this matter.

These types of victims were required to work 20 hrs a day without any relaxation, they got electrocuted and they cried to help from their households, he added.

Former Inspector Common of Police Bronze Sri Musa Hassan, also MCCC chief executive, urged Malaysians outdated 40 years and beneath not to fall victim to these syndicates and simply go to these countries.

“We use preventive measures by not really allowing them from going to these countries including to Asia as they can be abducted and trafficked.

“It is not just about forced labour but there are concerns regarding organ trading plus prostitution.

“I have also approached Bukit Aman, which has an Asean desk to collect information about who is behind these syndicates luring our people in your area.

“I will even gather information on this particular and hand this over to the police for even more action, ” he or she said.

Musa added that the households would be brought to Bukit Aman to report their statements.

He also stated that the Prime Minister and the government must today intervene by calling the Asean commanders about the problems in these countries.

A woman, who declined to become named, came forward to share the horror of what her son has been experiencing since falling victim to the syndicate.

She said the particular 29-year-old son who have speaks fluent British was being used to scam those in America plus Canada.

“My son is considered useful because he can talk English. He has been using the phone used to make scam calls to communicate with us.

“But he has happened to work for twenty hours until these people meet their target, and if they cannot, these people beat him and chain him towards the table, so that they are only able to make use of his hands, ” she said, including that he left in July for a work as a translator.

An air ticket was bought for the son to go to Bangkok, Thailand, whereby on reaching he has been injected with something and kidnapped, the woman explained.

The lady was also informed by her son that more victims were being brought in, therefore, something drastic must be done at the airport terminal itself as rescuing efforts will be useless with more people falling prey to these syndicates.