PM to reside at Govt House part time

PM to reside at Govt House part time
PM to reside at Govt House part time
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, will be at Government House on Monday. ( Image: Chanat Katanyu)

To give him more time to work for the country, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced that he will spend three to four times a year at Government House.

Mr. Srettha confirmed he will devote some work night at Government House while using Ban Phitsanulok, the prime minister’s established residence, as an office while speaking at the Thairath Forum on Monday.

Just a small number of excellent ministers have opted to remain in Ban Phitsanulok, with the majority preferring to do so privately.

Prayut Cha-o-cha, his father, made the decision to live in a home at the camp of the 1st Infantry Regiment on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.

According to Mr. Srettha, his home is situated on 197 flat woo of land, making it impossible to implement a successful security plan.

He claimed that residing there may even annoy the neighbors.

The prime minister added,” Furthermore, it takes a while to get to job.”

” I don’t want to cause the police and security personnel any trouble.”

He declared that he would convert a Ban Phitsanulok place into an office. He envisions the standard home as a brain center where his advisors can collaborate and conduct business in the least amount of hassle.

Mr. Srettha said,” If I have a working dinner appointment in the evening, I can return [ to Government House ] afterward and give out some last-minute assignments there before I retire for the night.”

” I’ll give it everything I’ve got.” He said,” We really need to calm down.

Mr. Srettha stated that he sat in the prime minister’s standard office at Government House for approximately 10 seconds before moving around to listen to the issues that different units were having.

He claimed that being completely cut off from others and working in a closed-off culture does not promote coordination and workplace relationships, so renovating the offices at Government House may be necessary to foster an diverse culture.

He declared,” I want the government to get reachable.”