Opposition MP slams MRTA in Orange Line bidding row

Opposition MP slams MRTA in Orange Line bidding row

The particular opposition Move Forward Celebration (MFP) yesterday charged the Mass Fast Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) associated with organising unfair competitors in past bidding to jointly spend with the government in the Orange Line’s traditional western expansion project.

MFP list MP Surachet Pravinvongvuth in his capacity since chairman of the House sub-committee studying large-scale infrastructure projects, said he’d invite both Bangkok Expressway and Community Plc (BEM) and Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc (BTSC) in for questioning on Oct 3.

In the past bidding, BEM won on the ITD Group, a joint venture between Italian-Thai Development Plc (ITD) and South Korea’s Incheon Transit Corporation, after BTSC unsuccessfully sought a courtroom injunction to suspend the bidding, in which it wasn’t taking part.

In its petition rejected by Central Administrative Courtroom last month, BTSC said the MRTA’s decision on Feb 3 to scrap the first round associated with bidding, which the BTSC took part within, was against the law. The court said there was clearly no sound rationale to put on hold the bidding, which at the time has been still ongoing.

However , Mister Surachet said when the first round was not cancelled, BTSC could have won, and the government would have been necessary to subsidise the task by 9. 67 billion baht.

Now with BEM named the particular winner in the second round of bidding, the government will have to subsidise the project by up to 78. twenty-eight billion baht, the 68. 61-billion-baht difference, he said.

His sub-committee now aims to discover where the 68. 61-billion-baht difference has gone. He or she said the second circular of bidding included irregularities including the proven fact that the winning bid was higher than the particular reserve price as well as the bidding was done in haste.

He said this individual also believed BTSC had been barred through competing in the 2nd round by the brand new requirements imposed regarding the qualifications of the contractor which each bid contender picked as a partner, which experienced disqualified BTSC in the bidding.