MPs file slew of questions on SPH Media’s inflated circulation numbers for February Parliament sitting

MPs file slew of questions on SPH Media's inflated circulation numbers for February Parliament sitting


Separately, WP MPs also filed 10 questions on the 2017 Keppel Offshore and Marine corruption case for the Feb 6 Parliament session.

The case involved six ex-senior management staff of Keppel O&M who had allegedly paid bribes amounting to about US$55 million (S$72 million) to officials of Brazilian state-owned oil giant Petrobras between 2001 and 2014. 

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) had issued stern warnings on Jan 11 to the six individuals, adding that they would not be charged or prosecuted. As such, they were not publicly named.

This was due to several factors, including the difficulties involved in getting evidence in a complex case involving multiple authorities and witnesses from several countries, the CPIB said.

But WP MPs are seeking more transparency on how the CPIB had arrived at this decision, as well as the reasons why the six individuals were not named. 

Mr Leon Perera of Aljunied GRC questioned if the decision not to prosecute the individuals represented a departure from the Government’s stated stance of zero tolerance towards corruption. 

Mr Dennis Tan, WP’s MP for Hougang, asked if it was in the public interest to disclose the names of the former employees while Mr Giam of Aljunied GRC asked if their ages and nationalities can be revealed. 

Meanwhile, Mr Louis Chua of Sengkang GRC also asked the Prime Minister which offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1960 had been considered for prosecution for the six individuals, as well as the maximum penalties for such offences. 

PAP MP for Jurong GRC Tan Wu Meng has also filed questions on the Keppel O&M saga, asking if the reasons for the warnings in lieu of prosecution can be elaborated upon and what is the assessed reputation damage to Singapore arising from the case.

Dr Tan has asked how many warnings and prosecutions the CPIB has initiated since 2000.


Public housing will also be on the agenda during the upcoming parliament seating. In a post uploaded on his personal Facebook page on Friday, PSP Non-Constituency MP Leong Mun Wai said that he has filed a motion on public housing. 

This comes after Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann responded to Mr Leong’s online criticism on the prices of Build-to-Order flats by asking him to “go beyond social media posts” and “file a motion in Parliament” to formally discuss the issue in December last year. 

In his motion, he will call upon the Government to review its housing policies in order to deliver affordable Housing and Development Board flats, protect retirement adequacy and keep public housing inclusive, among other things, Mr Leong said.

“I hope that members on the other side of the House will debate in good faith on the real issues, instead of misrepresenting my arguments or casting aspersions on my motivations,” he wrote. 

This story was originally published in TODAY.