MPs call for more support for teachers, special bonus to recognise hard work during COVID-19 pandemic

MPs call for more support for teachers, special bonus to recognise hard work during COVID-19 pandemic

Both Mr Tay and Mr Abdul Samad urged MOE to reduce teachers’ workloads, especially when it comes to responsibilities not related to teaching.

Asking parents to support instructors, Mr Abdul Samad stressed that educators also have their own private lives and families.  

“We as parents have to understand that teachers need their work-life stability as much as us. Despite this, the teachers will always go beyond the call of duty, ” he added.  

“However, moms and dads must always respect teachers’ private space and time. Parents may play a role in becoming constructive and contrasting partners of instructors to support the students’ growth and development. ” 

Teachers need additional time outside of the classroom to mark homework, get ready for lessons and guidebook students, said Mr Abdul Samad.  

“To after that load them with panel work, non-teaching-related duties and meetings in addition to constant, non-stop WhatsApp messages from multiple chat groups is unwise and untenable, ” he additional.  

Mister Tay suggested teachers be given opportunities to carry on sabbaticals or space years to go on business attachments outside of the education and learning service to “recharge and refresh their own knowledge and perspectives”.  

This individual also noted that teachers spend a lot of time setting and getting yourself ready for exams.  

“Can I suggest that all exam papers end up being set at a team or cluster degree for all our mainstream levels… so that period can be saved plus there is greater uniformity, consistency, and alignment, especially such as throughout the pandemic, where prelim results are used like a proxy when the student is unable to undertake national exams, ” stated Mr Tay.  

“This will reduce disparity plus take a whole download of onerous period off teachers plus schools with this co-sharing of exam screenplay preparation. ” 


Responding to Mr Tay and Mr Abdul Samad, Minister of State with regard to Education Gan Siow Huang (PAP-Marymount SMC) noted that handling teachers’ workload is usually “an important area of focus” for MOE.  

“We have reduced administrative work by strengthening centralised services and leveraging technology, inch she added.  

MOE will consider other ways in order to “create capacity for our own educators”, including Mr Tay’s suggestion to put common exam documents across schools,   said Ms Gan.  

The girl added that during school holidays, many schools have safeguarded vacation time with regard to educators, ensuring that they have time to rest and recharge.  

Schools and schooling institutions have also launched more flexible function arrangements for teachers “where feasible”.  

“This includes holding virtual or hybrid parent-teacher conferences and staff conferences. Educators who need greater flexibility within working hours can also apply for part-time training arrangements, ” the lady added.  

Polytechnics and ITEs are currently conducting an income review, and the outcome will be shared with staff when it is complete, said Ms Gan.  

She furthermore thanked Mr Abdul Samad for their suggestion on a particular bonus for instructors.  

“While paying our educators competitively is important, creating a quality teaching company goes beyond salaries, ” she added.  

Mother and father play a significant part in supporting the particular well-being of instructors, said the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of State.  

She advised parents to work with teachers to establish “positive relationships and set appropriate expectations” of teachers’ duties.  

“For example, parents can respect educators’ private time by reducing non-critical communication with these outside work hrs.

“Give universities and educators some time to respond to your queries and feedback. Come together with the educators to support your children’s studying and complement the learning with what can be done at home. ”