More restaurants implement reservation fees to prevent no-shows as bookings spike

More restaurants implement reservation fees to prevent no-shows as bookings spike

Restaurant company The particular Cicheti Group stated its outlets obtained complaints when they very first implemented a holding fee because clients thought it was the charge on their charge card.  

“This reservation charge card hold is not a charge at all, inch said managing partner  Ronald Kamiyama.   “Their bank will put it there and hold it, but we don’t get that money at all unless we proceed into our system plus charge for it. ” 


Since the pandemic, more clients make reservations rather than walking in, restaurants told CNA. This is especially so designed for bigger groups, since safe-distancing measures experienced made it more difficult to get tables.  

But some diners create bookings at several restaurants on the same time, and only decide on the morning itself where they would like to go, resulting in no-shows or last-minute cancelling, said restaurant proprietors and managers.  

The Cicheti Group, known for the casual dining Italian restaurants, implemented credit cards holding fee about six months after the pandemic started, said Mister Kamiyama.  

“We were never planning to do so previously. We did observe that even before COVID, people would book on a weekend or whichever day and then they wouldn’t show up. Based on the outlet, it was alright, it wasn’t a big deal for us because we all did take several walk-ins from the outside.  

“When COVID started, it grew to become really bad mainly because we relied upon reservations. Not many people were walking around to walk into our restaurants. ” 

Before the keeping fee, some of the group’s outlets saw about 10 no-shows each weekend, said Mister Kamiyama.  

“When people do show up we give them a call. But (they) were also not responding to phone calls or not getting back in order to us, ” this individual said, adding which they would wait for the guests thinking that they were late, and refuse walk-in guests the table.  

“Ultimately, we would get rid of the table totally because of that. ” 

The group presently requires reservation keeps of S$20 to S$40 per individual, depending on the outlet. The busier outlet, like Cicheti along Kandahar Street, which views more walk-in customers, would have a lower booking hold fee.  

“It’s simply a matter of conversation, right? It really isn’t going to take much to get a phone plus call an shop if you’re not arriving. It’s okay in the event that people cancel, yet at least let us know so that we can give the table to somebody else, ” said Mr Kamiyama.