MoJ seizes ‘B10bn in drug assets’ this year

MoJ seizes 'B10bn in drug assets' this year

New narcotics program code to counter increasing tide

The Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment has warned about a new narcotic dubbed 'Happy water' that comes in liquid or powder form that some teens are using. Office of the Narcotics Control Board
The Little princess Mother National Start on Drug Abuse Therapy has warned in regards to a new narcotic called ‘Happy water’ that comes in liquid or even powder form that will some teens are using. Office of the Drugs Control Board

The Ministry of Justice has seized more than 10 billion baht within assets from a medication network operating close to the kingdom this season following the implementation from the new narcotics program code.

Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Somsak Thepsutin on Thursday announced the outcome of Thailand’s narcotics prevention and reductions performance review throughout a conference attended by local and foreign officials, including Jeremy Douglas, representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and Pol Maj Gen Banpot Mungkhemklang, chief of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau.

During the event, Mr Somsak responded to questions regarding the narcotics epidemic, stating criminals were using advanced technology to increase meth pill production by 4 million tablets per day as opposed to the prior 64, 800 each day.

With the cooperation of the seven groups under the system, their production capability would reach 280 million pills per day, which would reduce the price of each pill, leading to an epidemic, he or she said.

Therefore , he stated he was motivated by since-suspended Excellent Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to suppress the issue, prompting him to carry out the plan to revise the narcotics program code on Dec nine, last year, to facilitate officials tracking down essential players in the drug trade, enabling the retroactive seizure of assets.

“I needed to quickly solve the problem because the value of narcotics [assets] had been worth a lot more than the amount we could freeze, inch he said.

With the brand new law in place, providers have the authority in order to freeze assets returning ten years, prompting a huge freeze of 10. 8 billion baht in the drug network’s assets this year, he or she said.

He said that the law also allowed firms to conduct retroactive investigations of passbook accounts suspected of illegal activities.

In one instance, account owner Buachan Khaoin transferred cash to 4, 971 destination accounts, compelling the Office of the Drugs Control Board (ONCB) to freeze 287 of them, worth 372 million baht.

“In the next fiscal year, I have set a focus on to seize hundred billion baht in assets, ” he said.

Wichai Chaimongkhon, secretary-general of the ONCB, mentioned this year’s performance is the result of joint efforts in Myanmar and Laos.