Man gets jail for deliberately coughing at colleagues after testing positive for COVID-19

Man gets jail for deliberately coughing at colleagues after testing positive for COVID-19

SINGAPORE: On one occasion, a clean purposefully coughed at his coworkers while lowering his mask despite the fact that he had merely tested positive for COVID-19.

64-year-old Singaporean Tamilselvam Ramaiya was given a two-week prison term on Monday( Sep 18 ). He admitted guilt to one count of breaking a COVID-19 rule by failing to cover his mouth and nostril while leaving his house.

Two additional claims were taken into account.

According to information provided to the jury, Tamilselvam was employed as a cleaner for Leong Hup Singapore at the time.

On the morning of October 18, 2021, he reported for work at 6 Senoko Way and informed & nbsp, the assistant logistics manager, of his ill health. Take an antigen rapid test( ART ), he was instructed to do.

The check was given to Tamilselvam by a coworker, and he tested positive for COVID-19.

He was told to go home and inform the secretary logistics director of the outcome after receiving the result. & nbsp,

The secretary shipping boss informed his other colleagues about the positive test result after learning about it from someone else.

Tamilselvam did not, yet, return home right away. Instead, he reported his COVID – 19 test result to the secretary logistics manager at the company’s logistics office.

A business pilot who was unaware of the positive test result was with Tamilselvam when they arrived at the office.

The vehicle was warned not to approach Tamilselvam by the first victim, a 40-year-old logistics officer. Tamilselvam was also told to leave the office by the officer, who likewise mimicked ejecting him with a hand motion.

Tamilselvam entered the office wearing his face after walking to the entrance but turning around to cough half.

The company door was shut by the manager, but Tamilselvam opened it. Before leaving, he coughed three times into the office while lowering his mask to reveal his mouth and nose.

The action was caught on the enclosed air-conditioned office’s closed-circuit television cameras.

Tamilselvam passed by a window in the logistics business as he was walking away, and the 56-year-old assistant was standing on the other side of the cup.

He used the Malay phrase” kena” to identify someone on the receiving end as he opened the window and coughed in her course while wearing his mask.

The coworkers who were coughed at were alarmed because they were aware that Tamilselvam had tested positive for COVID-19. The clerk, a dialysis patient with cardiovascular and urinary problems, gave herself an ART after being coughed at.

From the tragedy, none of them developed COVID-19.

Tamilselvam then went to a clinics, where he was given another biopsy test and an extended health document. Additionally, he was instructed to isolate himself at house.

The company’s associate shipping manager filed a police statement regarding the incident.

Tamilselvam claimed he had coughed at his coworkers as” a trick” while conducting studies. He claimed that he did not take his good result really and went to the clinics to see if COVID-19 was present.

It was” no laughing matter ,” according to deputy public prosecutor Sruthi Boppana, and Tamilselvam had disobeyed explicit orders to leave the grounds and had instead returned to purposefully coughing at his colleagues.

She requested three to four weeks in prison, claiming that his behavior occurred as Singapore was dealing with a recent uptick in COVID – 19 circumstances that resulted in the strengthening of the law.

He could have been imprisoned for up to six months, fined as much as Sulphur$ 10,000, or both for breaking a COVID – 19 rule.