Man charged with abusing his son and daughter with belt, heated spoon and physical force

Man charged with abusing his son and daughter with belt, heated spoon and physical force

SINGAPORE: A 39-year-old guy was charged in court on Friday (Jan 20) along with abusing his kids, including placing a heated spoon on his seven-year-old son’s buttock.

The man, who cannot be called due to gag purchases prohibiting his recognition and the victims’ id, was handed three charges under the Kids and Young Persons Act.

He or she is accused of ill-treating his son, who had been seven then, simply by placing a heated spoon at their buttock area on an unknown date in 2016. This caused the boy needless pain and injury, the charge sheet stated.

In June 2022, the person allegedly ill-treated their 14-year-old daughter simply by kicking her make area. This also triggered the teen unnecessary physical pain and injury, the charge page read.

The person is also accused associated with hitting his kid with a belt, striking him around his right arm. This particular allegedly occurred in July 2022, once the boy was thirteen.

The three functions allegedly took place at the same flat.

The man was offered bail of S$15, 1000 and will return to courtroom next month.

This is the latest in a number of alleged child mistreatment cases to hit this news.

A 29-year-old woman was charged earlier this month with causing grievous hurt to some two-month-old baby by dropping her forcefully into a cot.  

A 31-year-old man was billed along with her intended for slapping the same infant.

In December, the 32-year-old man returned in order to court to face the charge of ill-treating an 11-year-old girl simply by slapping her encounter and hitting her arms and legs with a belt, leaving injuries on her body.

A 34-year-old woman deals with a charge of allowing the abuse.

According to the newest available data from your Ministry of Interpersonal and Family Development (MSF), there was a spike in the quantity of child abuse situations investigated in 2021.

MSF’s Kid Protective Service looked into 2, 141 instances of abuse in 2021, 63 per cent more than the 1, 313 cases in 2020. The figure was 1, 088 in 2019.

Of the 2, 141, cases in 2021, 788 were actual abuse, 443 had been sexual abuse plus 910 were cases of neglect.

Physical abuse cases investigated also improved, from 660 within 2019 to 677 in 2020 and 788 in 2021.

The data for 2022 are usually yet to be launched.