Man admits killing 2-year-old daughter, leaving remains in pot for years

Man admits killing 2-year-old daughter, leaving remains in pot for years

SINGAPORE: Four years after the woman’s charred remains were discovered in a cooking pot in an apartment, on Tuesday( Sep 19) the man admitted to killing his child.

The 35-year-old Singaporean entered a guilty plea to one count of criminal homicide that did not amount to murder. He may be named because the court and nbsp have imposed gag orders to protect the survivors.

Additionally, he admitted guilt to three counts, including riot, mistreating his son, and using a particular drug. Five more fees may be taken into account in punishment.

The joke orders even mention the wife’s personality and the scene of the murder.

The jury learned that the man and his wife had four kids of their own, including the victim, who was born in 2011 and was two and a half years old.

The woman was married before and had a son and daughter. & nbsp,

The target was placed in foster care in November 2011 when she was three to four months old because her family was deemed unable to care for her and her father had been imprisoned in a drug rehab facility.

The lady was returned to her parents in June 2013 and moved on with them in a level. & nbsp,

The trial claimed that because she had spent one and a half decades in foster care and that her parents were unfamiliar to her, she frequently sobbed and did not feel at ease around them.

The girl’s families allegedly mistreated her until she passed away, according to the court. Her father had blow her thigh and pinch her body in addition to hitting her with objects like a belt or hanger.

The few mistreated their another kids in a similar way as well.

The accused and his family were unhappy with the lady in March 2014 while she was playing with her feces after soileding her diaper at home.

The trial claimed that the girl’s mom” flicked her lips” and” slapped her cheeks” when she sobbed” despite being asked no to.”

The accused violently slapped his child twice or three times after consuming glass earlier that day.

The girl’s arms became poor as a result, and she fell to the ground. She stopped sobbing and began gasping for air as her brain began to lean to the straight and her upper body leaned forward.

Her mother observed fluids and blood oozing from her nose and mouth.

A concussive head capture resulted from the girl’s severe traumatic brain injury. & nbsp,

She did not respond after her father gave her a few rounds of cardiorespiratory treatment. Despite the fact that her injuries were life-threatening, neither family called the police, an ambulance, or took her to the doctor.

They feared that if she hurt them, they may get detained. Additionally, the accused was concerned about being detained for using drugs.

According to the prosecution, health action might have been able to save the girl.


By fabricating information about the murderer’s locations and lying to the police and their own family members, the couple attempted to hide their tracks.

The girl’s parents put her body in a copper bowl on the day of her death and set it on fire in the back of the accused manor.

Before stuffing the container into a paper box, sealing it with masking tape, and wrapping it in hold cover, they made sure her figure had been completely burned.

The field was returned to their apartment, where it was kept under the home range.

Z, the girl’s brother, was warned not to touch the field and informed that it was filled with the accused mans’ lorry items.

The pair made up a number of lies to justify their mother’s absence, including saying that she had been returned to her facilitate parents or that family members were taking care of her.

The family lied that her separated father had taken the child ahead when the Ministry of Education contacted them in 2017 to inquire as to why the child had not signed up for Primary 1, while the accused claimed that his friends were looking after her in Malaysia.

Z, the mother’s nephew, grew more curious and worried about what was inside the box. He attempted to discard it because it was filthy and the hold wrap contained insect eggs.

When the woman’s family learned, she had the box nicely wrapped and cautioned her brother against touching it once more.

When the girl’s brother opened the box after her mother had been imprisoned, he discovered an a & nbsp, wet, decomposed lump.

After attending his friend’s punishment for other crimes, he afterwards displayed the material of the pot to her and her friends when they visited the apartment.

The friends reported it to the police because they felt uncomfortable.

The investigation will continue on Tuesday.

Three sets of attorneys— Mr. Si Hoe Tat Chorng from Acacia Legal, Ms. Harjeet Kaur Dhaliwal from Withers KhattarWong, and Mr. Ramesh Tiwary — represent the man.