Jail for man who defied COVID-19 order and left home to have supper with friend

Jail for man who defied COVID-19 order and left home to have supper with friend

SINGAPORE: A man visited his grandmother despite being ordered to stay home while recovering from symptoms resembling COVID-19.

While he had been investigated for this, he flouted another order by heading out to have dessert and frog porridge with a friend.

With his case still before the courts and while he has been under a reformative exercising scheme, Verner Chua Jun Jie cut his electronic checking tag and absconded.  

Chua, now 22, had been sentenced to prison for a month and a week on Tuesday (Sep 13).

He pleaded accountable to a charge all of exposing others to the risk of illness and mischief simply by cutting the digital monitoring system label. Two other charges were considered within sentencing.

The court heard that will Chua was sentenced to reformative working out for prior offences in April 2019.  

In Aug 2020, he had been diagnosed with an severe respiratory infection and ordered to stay house for five days. On the last day of his stay-home period, Chua remaining his home and took a private-hire vehicle to visit their grandmother.

Then he went to a cafe to buy lunch prior to going home, taking an overall of three private-hire vehicle trips that day.

Chua was investigated with this offence and initially offered a notice of composition or even an out-of-court good.


However , he repeated the offence in December 2020. On Dec 6, 2020, he or she visited a medical center in Bukit Gombak for a cough and sore throat. He was diagnosed with an acute upper respiratory an infection and given the COVID-19 swab check.

He was told that he needed to stay home for three times or until he received a negative swab test result. In spite of acknowledging this, Chua did not head home that day.

He took the taxi to Jalan Sultan later that will evening, where he fulfilled a friend to borrow money, intending to make use of the cash to pay the composition fine for that August 2020 offence.

After this, this individual boarded another taxi with his friend and went for treat along Balestier Road. They stayed in that area until regarding 2 . 40am, prior to taking another taxi cab to Geylang intended for porridge.

Chua went home only at about 4am. He or she received a negative swab test result just on Dec eight, 2020.

In August 2021, Chua was placed on a release on supervision scheme for his reformative training. Underneath the scheme, he was required to wear an electric monitoring tag.

On Sep twenty-seven, 2021, Chua was to report to Selarang Halfway House but decided not to do so and proceeded to cut his electronic monitoring tag.

A warrant associated with arrest was issued pertaining to him and he has been eventually remanded .


The prosecutor requested one month and one weeks’ jail for Chua, noting that he had been out in public and in breach of medical orders for more than eight hours in the second occasion.

He went to multiple locations, most of them foods establishments, which are “more dangerous” as people would have been consuming and talking with their masks removed.

Crucially, said the prosecutor, Chua had been under investigation to get a separate case when he committed this particular second offence. Their reason was also “rather frivolous”, said the particular prosecutor, as he desired to go out and eat with a friend.

Chua’s pattern associated with offending “demonstrates a blatant disregard for your law”, added the particular prosecutor.

Just for exposing others towards the risk of disease, he could have been jailed up to six months, fined up to S$10, 1000, or both.

For mischief, can have been jailed for about a year, fined, or even both.