Indonesia resumes penalising exporters that break repatriation rules

Indonesia resumes penalising exporters that break repatriation rules

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s central bank offers reinstated rules to sanction natural resources exporters that do not receive their earnings through domestic banks, deputy governor Juda Agung said upon Thursday (Sep 22).

Indonesia in 2019 issued rules requiring organic resource exporters to put their earnings in the domestic banking system, with the aim of improving onshore US money supply and strengthening the rupiah currency. But penalties intended for rule-breakers were waived during the pandemic.

“There has been a number of exporters that were sanctioned”, Juda said. Some were sanctioned simply because they have not opened exclusive bank accounts for their export earnings, while others since the earnings have not been deposited onshore, he added, without writing the number of exporters impacted.

Bank Philippines governor Perry Warjiyo on Thursday stated the rupiah ought to strengthen due to strong exports performance.

The resource-rich nation is on track in order to record its greatest level of annual exports in history this year, since shipments got a lift from the upward routine in commodity prices. Indonesia booked the highest monthly exports on record within August.