IN FOCUS: After Cineleisure Orchard lost its lustre, can new tenants bring it back?

IN FOCUS: After Cineleisure Orchard lost its lustre, can new tenants bring it back?

According to Mr. Sim and three other companies that this writer spoke with differently, Ah Chew Desserts’ passage has been beneficial. With the entry of the fast-food behemoth McDonald’s two weeks ago, sales at the mall appears to have received another boost.

On May 30, around midday, CNA went to Cineleisure. The nearly 100-seat fast food restaurant was crowded with a steady supply of customers. This contrasted with the peaceful scene CNA saw in the center on May 3 during lunchtime.

However, for the time being, most of this increased sales is concentrated on the ground degree, with companies on higher floors still experiencing a raise.

Mr. Trazo Marsouvinie, who works at the cellular telephone jewelry store Beadstreet on Level 2, said,” It’s still too early to say if things are getting better.”


Mr. Trazo, who has spent ten years working at Cineleisure, recalls the mall’s era as a bustling hub with shoppers, primarily young people, loitering until late at night.

” Those were the best times of my life. He recalled that the surroundings was generally wonderful with all the people.

Due to the store’s proximity to nearby company operators and cellular phone retailers, business was booming at the time.

According to the 35-year-old sales member,” people come here to get their equipment when they get fresh phones.” ” Then there is less of a group, and people don’t stay up late again.”

Since then, profits have decreased by half. Additionally, Beadstreet, Cineleisure’s longest-running client at the moment, has announced its closing time due to the lack of audiences.

” Next day, on weekends, we closed at 11 p.m. or 12 am. However, we now close at 9 p.m. every morning, Mr. Trazo said.

One of the three remaining retail establishments in the store is Beadstreet. Men’s clothing retailer Benjamin Barker and trendy retailer Exit are the other two, both on Level 2.

Almost half of the units that were last seen boarded up, with a restaurant serving up Hainanese meal and an eclectic art and create shop making up the number of companies on Level 2.

In other places, the theater, which used to be Levels 4 through 6, is now only accessible from levels 5 and 6. Rates 4 and 8 are empty, and the raise buttons for these floors have” Temporary closed” stickers taped over them. & nbsp,

Bounce Singapore, an enclosed trampoline area, occupies Level 9, while Level 3 is home to a number of health producers and hair clubs.

Only the sushi and salad chain Maki – San is currently open for business in the basement, which once housed a food court and several F & amp, B offerings.