‘I was eager to serve further’: The SAF soldiers with no qualms about extending their service

'I was eager to serve further': The SAF soldiers with no qualms about extending their service

1WO (NS)  Surindranath finished his NS liabilities within 2008 and prolonged his service, quickly becoming a regimental sergeant major (RSM) taking charge of several companies in the unit.

He now will about 30 days of ICT each year as being a brigade sergeant major – an even higher appointment overseeing many units – of the 56th Singapore Armoured Brigade.

Being a volunteer NSman, the current administration manager from Kheng Cheng School still gets compensated his usual income during ICT.

“Of course, on my part, I also make sure that before We go for ICT, you can find proper handovers, ensuring things that need to be accomplished are all settled, inch he said, calling it a “two-way thing”.

“I am also thankful for my fellow colleagues who have volunteered to hide my duties in my absence. ”


Nevertheless,   1WO (NS)  Surindranath recognized that he had doubts about extending their service, pointing towards the uncertainty around getting used to a new scheduled appointment.

“You really don’t know what’s available for you. As you go up, the journey to some extent becomes a bit lonelier; you have less individuals to talk to, ” he said.

“When you’re coming up being a CSM, you can still find out from people certain things. Actually then there’s just like four or five CSMs in the unit… Getting RSM, you’re the only one in the unit. Who are you going to visit for help?

“I did talk about that these are the stuff I need help with. Of course , they were all quite supportive. There was a lot of mentorship from above, that is what I am carrying out in return as well. inch

There were several concerns beyond their professional life, getting to  balance his time between their civilian job, NATURSEKT and family obligations.

“My kids were both little ones at that time and necessary much attention. My spouse and i to manage my time carefully, and fortunately received strong assistance from my family, ” he said.

Still, he recalled his daughter and son, then old four and one, sensation proud when they noticed him in uniform.

“Especially when they were youngsters, they look at you like if you’re a hero. Gowns very encouraging plus uplifting, ” this individual said, adding that his family also attended several of their parades.


As a brigade sergeant major,   1WO (NS)  Surindranath ensures that the systems under him conduct training properly. He also gathers suggestions from the ground and listens to his soldiers’ challenges plus concerns, saying this is very important to keep up their spirits.

“I continually believe in leadership by example. So if you request somebody to go generally there at 7am, you jolly well end up being there at 7am, not strut within (late) just because you have authority, ” he said.

“I think this is one of those things that are very essential when dealing with the soldiers. Because we have to respect them. Everybody’s time is important. ”

For the same reason, he also completes his yearly person physical fitness test (IPPT) – achieving the silver award – even though he doesn’t have to.

“I think fitness should be an extension of our way of living; it shouldn’t be just to pass the IPPT, ” he mentioned.

“That’s what I tell my soldiers too. If you remain healthy, you will have much less problems downstream. inch