Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule

Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule
Two schoolgirls in Hong Kong wearing masks while playing the flute Hong Kong Education and learning Bureau

A Hong Kong video clip showing schoolchildren wearing double masks while performing the flute has drawn ridicule on social media.

The advertisement, released by Hong Kong’s Education Bureau, was posted ahead of China’s National Day time on 1 October.

It also uses Hong Kong earlier introduced a further extension within Covid restrictions, including masking.

It is one of the few remaining cities that have retained rigorous Covid measures because the pandemic struck.

It, titled “Young The far east Says”, which is centred around Hong Kong’s youth, shows various schoolchildren performing a variety of artistic activities, including singing, calligraphy, martial arts and musical performances.

More than 400 schoolchildren from 41 high schools had been invited to participate in the more than 5-minute-long video.

The clip was released by Hong Kong’s Training Bureau and was released on 21 September – in commemoration of China’s national day on 1 October.

In the 45-second mark, the video shows two masked schoolgirls playing the flute side by side using what appears to be a secondary flap covering the musical instrument.

Users took to social networking to pour poker fun at on the ad.

“This city never does not surprise me, inch tweeted South China and taiwan Morning Post reporter Jeffie Lam, including the hashtag #maskingtilltheendoftheworld.

Another comment on Fb said: “This will probably lead to so many jokes”.

“This may be the extent to which Hk is scared of Covid, ” the Twitter user mentioned.

The release from the video came as Hong Kong announced earlier this week that Covid restrictions would be in place until at least 5 October, including social distancing, and wearing masks on vehicles and specified public places.

Hong Kong has followed China’s cue closely where Covid regulations are concerned – a step analysts say boasts caused Hong Kong’s attractive as an online business hub to dwindle and battered the economy.

Hong Kong moreover remains one of the few destinations in the world to always require travellers out of abroad to coop on arrival, whilst officials are expected to produce a highly-anticipated announcement regarding Friday easing the quarantine regulation.

China has obtained a strict zero-Covid policy since the outbreak struck, which has noticed rolling lockdowns, tightly-restricted movement within the region, and mass Covid testing being enforced, often at click notice.

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