Govt gives B1.5m to Libyan flood relief effort

Govt gives B1.5m to Libyan flood relief effort
Govt gives B1.5m to Libyan flood relief effort
On Monday, Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, the foreign secretary, is pictured with the Syrian demand d’affaires at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok, Salem Ashoor Omran. Wichan Charoenkiatpakul( picture )

The Syrian storm disaster relief efforts received a 1.5 million baht donation from the government on Monday.

At a ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the donation was given to Ashor Salem Ashoor Omran, cost d’affaires at Libya’s embassy and nbsp. & nbsp,

The authorities would like to show its sincere condolences for the tragic reduction that the Syrian government and people suffered as a result of the fatal flood in northern Libya, according to Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara.

This tiny coin, he said,” represents authenticity and goodwill, as well as the friendly ties between both countries.”

” I think Libya will be able to overcome all obstacles during this time thanks to its strong will and tenacity.” Please comfort Libya that Thailand did remain a reliable colleague, Mr. Parnpree continued. & nbsp,

Later, he claimed that the flood devastation and its effects on Libyans had saddened the Thai government. He also stated that Thailand would offer more support if necessary.

” For us, we are prepared to help and support in any way. He continued,” If there is any other way they want us to aid, they are more than welcomed. Today’s payment is not that much and does partially relieve the suffering.

When questioned about the cost d’affaires response, he replied that the envoy thanked the Thai government and people for their support. & nbsp,

On September 10, two upstream reservoirs near Derna in the north of the country were breached by rising Storm Daniel waters, sending a wall of water crashing into the town.

At least 3, 958 people perished, more than 9, 000 went missing, and at least 40 000 were displaced, according to the most recent UN dying price.