Govt explains PM’s pricey flight

Govt explains PM's pricey flight
Govt explains PM's pricey flight

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s charter flight to New York for the 78th United Nations General Assembly from September 18 – 24 cost 30 million baht, according to a statement from Natreeya Thweewong, the deputy secretary of the prime minister, made on Tuesday.

The prime minister took a charter flight operated by Thai Airways International ( THAI ) to the US.

She was responding to current requests for the House Committee on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct and opposition lawmakers to investigate the flight’s high value from social activist Somchai Srisutthiyakorn.

The services included a stay in Tokyo along the way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to New York.

The Royal Thai Air Force( RTAF) wanted 32 million baht to put on a charter flight service, while Thai Airways asked for 25 million, according to Ms. Natreeya, who oversaw the travel arrangements. She added that e-bidding was held to seek out an affordable price.

However, as energy prices increased, Thai Airways’ demand increased to 30 million ringgit.

According to Ms. Natreeya, the price of the RTAF set may include increased to 40 million ringgit in this regard.

4.84 million baht were spent on aircraft-related costs, 16.8 million were on energy costs, 1.47 million on food and drink, 3.06 million was on earth services, and 3.8 million belonged to operating fees.

About 50 other travellers, including the premier’s girl, who traveled with him on the plane, according to Ms. Natreeya, paid for their own cards and lodging.

She claimed that staff from the private industry made their own travel plans to New York.

She claimed that in order to avoid upsetting other passengers on a professional flight, the government chose to rent the aircraft.

According to a cause, the THAI flight merely provided business-class seats for Mr. Srettha and his entourage.