Fu Zhenghua: China’s ex-justice minister jailed for corruption

Fu Zhenghua: China's ex-justice minister jailed for corruption
Chinese Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua meets with Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul (not seen) ahead of signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between two countries at the Asia Hotel in Beijing, China on November 14, 2018. Getty Pictures

China’s former justice ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Fu Zhenghua, who else spearheaded several corruption-fighting campaigns, has been jailed for bribery.

Fu pleaded responsible in July in order to accepting 117 million yuan ($14. 7m; $16. 5m) within gifts and money.

Chinese media documented he’d received a suspended death sentence to be commuted to a life sentence within two years.

His confidence comes amid a sudden crackdown on celebration officials within the Chinese language Communist Party (CCP).

China’s ruling party is set to hold its once-every-five years main party Congress the following month where President Xi Jinping is anticipated to take a historic 3rd term and consolidate his power.

Fu’s jailing follows the particular sentencing of 3 former police chiefs this week. All four many men not only accused of corruption but also to be disloyal to Mister Xi.

They are all purported to have been part of the corrupt political circle led by one more ex-security figurehead, Sun Lijun, who is currently awaiting his phrase.

Fu was China’s Justice Minister from 2018 to 2020, after a career where he worked his way up from as being a policeman to the deputy head of China’s Ministry of Community Security.

This individual led several high-profile investigations into dodgy politicians – including a probe which usually brought down Zhou Yongkang, one of the most powerful officials recently to be convicted associated with bribery.

In October last year, the particular CCP’s internal watchdog announced it was checking out Fu for “serious violations of discipline and national laws. ”

He was dismissed through public office and in March this year expelled from the Neighborhood Party. He was arrested a month afterwards the corruption costs.

Prosecutors said he took advantage of their authority to seek benefits for others and themself on business agreements, official positions as well as legal cases.