Five on Friday: 5 types of MRT passengers we don’t want to cross the island with

Five on Friday: 5 types of MRT passengers we don't want to cross the island with

Picture this: It’s peak hurry hour, and people are surging in and out of the cabins at every prevent. Your train drags into the station, and the nice lady who the train announcements requests that you stand clear of the doors. Opportunities whoosh open, and the legion surges ahead – however , the particular unstoppable force suddenly meets an steadfast object.  

Like Moses parting the Reddish Sea, a stalwart protector of That Quite Spot Near The Core Train Doors appears firm, unwavering, contrary to the masses who… just want to get out of the teach.

Say hello to Sir Stamford Raffles.  

No, not the specific British statesman, however the immovable white polymarble statue at the Singapore River.

If you are guilty of being this particular person, please be type and move together like the rest of all of us. Otherwise be prepared to face an unforgiving scrum.  

Sorry, not sorry.