Family’s alleged links to COVID-19 test kits scandal led to Vietnam President Phuc’s downfall; political jostling for his role intensifies

Family’s alleged links to COVID-19 test kits scandal led to Vietnam President Phuc’s downfall; political jostling for his role intensifies

This is because unlike some other corruption cases, test kits scandal captured the attention and difficulty of the public throughout a period when people’s livelihoods were significantly affected by the outbreak, analyst Carlyle Thayer told CNA938 on Thursday.
“The COVID scandal was really excessive. It affected the people who were really stunned and outraged to understand that ministers had been profiting while they were suffering, ” said Emeritus Professor Thayer from the University of recent South Wales’ School of Humanities plus Social Sciences.

Investigations in to the scandals and the following crackdown saw a good unprecedented number of government figures ousted, including two deputy leading ministers and three ministers. More than 145 officials, diplomats and businessmen were caught.

Mr Phuc, the highest-ranking recognized targeted by the attack, was found ultimately responsible for wrongdoings dedicated by many of these authorities, the government said.

Mr Trong, who had been re-elected into a rare third term because party chief within 2021, has been stepping up the anti-corruption drive that has resulted in the upheaval in Vietnam’s politics.

“In the past, (authorities) proceeded to go after people who were engaged in criminal routines. Now it has expanded to also rope in those who abetted or encouraged that will corrupt activity. And these networks are being unravelled, ” Prof Thayer said.

“The party is considering how to fight data corruption more effectively. One of the ways would be to make officials accountable for not only what they are doing, but also what their particular family members and their own subordinates are doing, inch Dr Hiep stated.  

The general secretary post held by Mr Trong is the most powerful in the “four pillars” associated with Vietnam’s top leadership; the other three are the president, prime minister, and chair from the legislature.


The recent free has left vacancies inside the Central Committee as well as the Politburo, the highest decision-making body in the country.

The political shake up is likely to put Vietnam at risk of becoming more domestic and inward looking with regards to international relations, analysts said.

Mister Phuc, along with Mr Phạm Bình Minh, the previous deputy primary minister and international minister who was ousted on Jan five, were both acquainted faces for international dignitaries. New ministers filling vacancies in the crackdown have small foreign relations encounter, Prof Thayer said.

As perfect minister, Mr Phuc oversaw an average of six per cent annual economic growth for the nation and sealed several free trade deals for Vietnam. This individual was widely acknowledged with accelerating pro-business reforms.

Companies and analysts had been mixed on if the uncertain political environment will hinder foreign investments and financial growth.

“So far (the government) has done this in a very measured and well-calculated and well-coordinated way so that they can control the implications, ” Doctor Hiep said of Vietnam’s anti-graft efforts.

“There are some short-term problems. (But) they can pay this particular short-term price to get the longer term finishes, that is to control problem and to improve the transparency within the government and also in the market as well, inch he added.

Mr Thayer stated that with Vietnam’s economy accelerating at a great speed – its gross domestic product (GDP) beat established targets and increased 8 per cent a year ago – the undesirable impact of the leadership shuffle on its economy is likely to be limited.

Meanwhile, Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan is going to be interim president till a new president is certainly chosen.