Expo focuses on sufficiency

Expo focuses on sufficiency
Expo focuses on sufficiency
Customers are interested in the Sustainability Expo 2022″ Better Living” area, which highlights top organizations advancing the elliptical market and green growth to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions. ( Varuth Hirunyatheb, photos )

At the end of this month, the Sustainability Expo 2023 ( SX2023) will be held with the theme” Good Balance, Better World.”

The annual exhibition, which is regarded as the biggest conservation event in the Asean area, will be held for the fourth season with a focus on” Sufficiency for Sustainability” to encourage customers to take part in and work on sustainable techniques and information, along with several engrossing workshops.

Leading local and international businesses may present conservation developments and innovations at the event. Eight significant districts may be present in SX 2023.

Visitors will embark on a journey through the” SEP Inspiration Zone” where they will gain knowledge from trailblazers and experts in sustainable development.

SEP is an acronym for the validity economy theory developed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Excellent.

Guests can learn more about food technology, healthcare, and longevity in the next zone,” Better Me.” Leading initiatives related to a circular economy leading to net zero emissions are highlighted in the” Better Living” area.

At the Sustainability Expo 2022, kids will learn how to separate recovered spend by placing plastic bottles in a recycling package.

With more cosmopolitan green spaces, cover for the underprivileged, and a concept of sustainable community development, the” Better Community” zone demonstrates how everyone is united to support one another and promote equality.

An SX location and art museum highlighting conservation viewpoints from local and international musicians can be found in the” Better World” area.

The” SX Food Festival” serves food with the theme” Thai Street Food Museum ,” where visitors can see landmarks from Bangkok, Phuket Old Town, and other major cities while tasting food prepared by famous chefs who use the zero-waste cooking method.

The final two zones are” SX Marketplace ,” which has 200 stores selling environmentally friendly goods and community goods, and” X Kids ,” where kids can take advantage of a creative learning environment for sustainable development.

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center will host the SX 2023 from September 29 to October 8. Explore its site at or Facebook account at website for more details. Alternatively, visit sustainabilityexpo.com / sx / or Facebook account at www. facebook.com / SX. Sustainability Expo