Erawan shrine donations hit B1.8bn

Erawan shrine donations hit B1.8bn

Cash donations at the Erawan shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection have reached 1 ) 8 billion baht this year, with about 100 million baht being given to more than 50 hospitals in need.

The information was disclosed by an official through the “Erawan Hotel Brahma Shrine Fund” who had been interviewed by town governor Chadchart Sittipunt yesterday morning.

The Erawan shrine houses a statue associated with Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Cash donations made at the shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection have reached 1 . 8 billion dollars baht so far this season. SOMCHAI POOMLARD

Mister Chadchart was with Ratchaprasong intersection and getting an update over the water situation in the city when the Erawan shrine gates opened up. After paying their respects, he evaluated an official about the donations, which was live-streamed in the Facebook account.

As well as donating to hospitals in need throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the fund also directed some of the cash to buy essential healthcare equipment.

The governor said he is a regular subscriber, having made donations to the Erawan shrine fund for over two decades as part of making merit each year on his birthday. He also assured the fund’s transparency and urged people to donate for a good cause.

He said this individual received an annual statement from the fund which usually provided details about its management and further ensures transparency in its investing.

“The cash in the donation boxes at the shrine goes to the account and the money is given to hospitals in need. I’m a regular donor and the account is managed with a committee which selects the hospitals which are [most] in need, ” he said.