Energy deal ‘must be deferred’

Energy deal 'must be deferred'

The House committee on foreign matters is calling for your deferment of an electricity trading agreement with two new hydropower dams in Laos with links to a local firm after reviewing the cross-border impact.

The decision to demand the postponement was made at a conference to review a request filed by the System of Thai Mekong People — the civil group active in eight provinces, asking for an inspection of the Pak Beng and Sanakham dams on the Lao part of the river over cross-border environmental issues.

The meeting was attended by committee people, officials from the Section of Treaties plus Legal Affairs, the particular Royal Thai Study Department, the Energy Policy and Planning Office and civil culture representatives.

Move Forward Party MEGA-PIXEL Rangsiman Rome, a member of the House committee, the other day said it was concerned about dam construction projects. A Thai firm is involved in the tasks, he said.

“The committee saw nothing that may benefit the country using the construction of such a dam, ” he said. “Relevant agencies have not issued a clarification on the matter. inch

“Hence, the committee decided to defer the power trade contract and will distribute a letter to the Office of the Lawyer General, Energy Ministry and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, ” he mentioned, adding that the panel will hold a meeting in a few days to review the matter.

The panel studied the issue completely, but most government companies failed to answer questions including ones including environmental impact assessments, he said.

During the conference, ecologist Montree Chantawong pointed out there was serious erosion on the financial institution of the river around the Thai side due to the construction of the Sanakham dam. Yet, there has been no clear survey from the firm responsible for it, he stated.

Conservationist Niwat Roikaew said the Pak Beng construction project provides caused water amounts to increase, and the effect is noticeable close to Ban Huai Luek village. “Normally, once the water level recedes, islets will emerge… which can be used by tourists, inch he said.

“But the dam will increase water volume causing the islets to remain submerged. inch