Edgepoint, Xperanti work to spur Penang’s smart city ambition 

Edgepoint, Xperanti work to spur Penang’s smart city ambition 

  • To integrate IoT in to future solutions such as flood, air quality supervising
  • T o create ecosystem merging IoT solutions, intelligent telco infrastructure

Left - Right: Suresh Sidhu, CEO, EdgePoint Infrastructure, Muniff Kamaruddin, CTO, EdgePoint Infrastructure. Prashant Pathmanaban, CEO, Xperanti IoT Sdn Bhd, Efny Johan, head of Business, Xperanti IoT Sdn Bhd Xperanti IoT Sdn Bhd (Xperanti), and IoT network provider in Malaysia, and EdgePoint Facilities (EdgePoint), an Asean-based independent telecommunications infrastructure company, are collaborating to explore business opportunities from Penang.  

In a combined statement, both parties said the collaboration,   both companies mentioned they aimed at creating an ecosystem blending both IoT options and intelligent telecoms infrastructure and will play a role in realising Penang’s smart city mission.

Included in the MoU, the parties will explore a chance to extend their current partnership on the Penang parking application that will allow the integration associated with future IoT systems such as flood checking solutions, air quality supervising and energy conservation solutions, they added.

The current Penang Parking App is run entirely on a Sigfox system, applied on 36, 500 bays across the Penang state.

Prashant Pathmanaban, ceo (CEO) of Xperanti, said IoT offers possibilities for cities to address urban town challenges by helping decision-making via the recognition of key metrics such as parking accessibility, traffic movement plus water levels together with city-wide energy preservation applications through real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

“To strengthen the value offering, the solutions deployed will be cost-effective for the local authorities and, more importantly, maintain the rakyat informed across many areas of general public safety and improvements via the unified application, ” he mentioned.

Xperanti’s collaboration with EdgePoint will enable assistance for and development of services in the Penang region, having a focus on intelligent facilities, scalability of the business model, and innovation plus futureproofing.

Muniff Kamaruddin, TOP DOG of EdgePoint Towers Sdn Bhd, stated in line with the company’s try to be a leading electronic and telecommunications infrastructure provider for the 5G age, this cooperation with Xperanti may further enable this to expand its scope of next-generation connectivity solutions, customized to suit conditions on the ground where we have the presence.  

“We may continue our focus on driving a leading-edge industry position through the provision of innovative and scalable infrastructure solutions, reinforced along with analytics and digital technologies, for fast pivoting and versatility amidst a surroundings in flux, ” he said.