Dutch cyclist plans appeal after being convicted of assault in Australia

Dutch cyclist plans appeal after being convicted of assault in Australia
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Dutch cyclist Mathieu van der Poel will appeal a court conviction for attacking two teenage girls in a Sydney resort on Saturday, based on his lawyer.

Vehicle der Poel pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of common assault, and was found guilty and fined $AUS 1, 500 ($967), according to his lawyer.

The 27-year-old have been preparing for the men’s world championship road race on Sunday when he has been involved in a verbal altercation with 2 girls aged 13 and 14, based on New South Wales Police.

“It’s further alleged the man then pushed both teenagers, with one falling to the ground and the other getting pushed into a walls causing a minor graze to her elbow, ” a police statement read.

Van dieser Poel says the particular pair had been banging on his door prior to running away late in the evening, according to Reuters .

Hotel management notified the police who imprisoned Van der Poel.

The cyclist’s attorney Michael Bowe verified the court’s decision but told CNN that Van der Poel would appeal.

Bowe added that in New South Wales you can plead guilty for an offense, but might not be convicted, though that didn’t happen in Van der Poel’s case.

“We experienced the relevant events that occurred, he has been arrested by law enforcement, was interviewed simply by police and said certain things to the authorities, ” Bowe told Reuters .

“Mathieu agreed with some of those accusations. On discussing it had been agreed he need to plead guilty. In Australia, if you plead guilty you can walk away with no conviction … however it was not the case right here. ”

Van der Poel was able to get his passport and it has since left Sydney.

His team, Alpecin-Deceuninck, says it will investigate the incident just before determining future ways.

“Needless to mention everybody loses here, and we can only regret that. Initially, our concentrate was on giving legal assistance on site and on assisting Mathieu van dieser Poel to return house quickly, ” the team said within a statement to CNN.

“Now that has happened, we want to get a very clear picture of the span of events. ”

“We would like to emphasize that will respect for others, within and outside the peloton, is and has been a primary value of Alpecin-Deceuninck.

“That is why we want to follow up on this in an suitable way. Only then will team Alpecin-Deceuninck and Mathieu vehicle der Poel connect about this again. ”

CNN asked Alpecin-Deceuninck for comment on part of Van dieser Poel but was instructed toward its established statement.

KNWU, the Dutch cycling team who he had been representing during this weekend’s race, declined in order to comment.