Dementia and planning ahead for your parents: What you need to know about end-of-life matters

Dementia and planning ahead for your parents: What you need to know about end-of-life matters

Organ donations are other ways to leave a legacy. For instance, brain tissue samples that are given to Brain Bank Singapore are providing researchers insights into how brain damage, specifically in Asians, give rise to dementia and other disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and depressive disorder. Should your parents wish to donate their internal organs for medical research after death, you can find three acts to look into.  

1 .   Human Organ Hair transplant Act (HOTA)

Eligibility: All of Singaporeans and Long lasting Residents aged 21 years and above are automatically incorporated, unless they have the mental disorder and have opted out.

Organs included: Liver, kidneys, heart and corneas only.

Use: Hair transplant and treatment only.

second .   Medical (Therapy, Education, and Research) Act (MTERA)

Eligibility: This opt-in scheme is perfect for anyone in Singapore with mental capacity, and aged eighteen years and over.

Organs included: All organs plus tissues, including epidermis and bone.

Make use of: Transplantation and treatment, education plus research.

3.   Human being Biomedical Research Action (HBRA)

Eligibility: This respond, which covers  Brain Bank Singapore , has an opt-in scheme for anyone within Singapore over twenty one years old, including healthful individuals as well as those people without mental capability such as patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders. For patients without mental capacity, consent has to be offered by the appropriate next-of-kin or even LPA.

Organs included:   Tissues donated to Brain Bank Singapore include brain plus cerebrospinal fluid using the option of donating spinal-cord, gut tissues, peripheral nerves, lymph nodes, muscle tissues and/or spleen.

Use: Medical research and medical education only; not just for transplantation and treatment.