Cybersecurity Malaysia, MX Global sign MoU

Cybersecurity Malaysia, MX Global sign MoU

  • To collaborate on R& G, solutions development on cybersecurity, crypto
  • To establish a framework intended for cooperation for cryptocurrencies, digital assets

Left - Right: Amirudin Abdul Wahab FASc, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia and Fadzli Shah Anuar, CEO of MX Global CyberSecurity Malaysia and MX Global Sdn Bhd have signed a memorandum of knowing (MoU) to work together on enhancing the technology of cryptocurrencies and Digital Resource Exchanges (DAXes), along with spreading awareness amongst Malaysian investors.  

In the joint statement, each said the cooperation further demonstrates the continuous growth and development from the digital assets sector.

This particular, coupled with strong plus resilient cyber protection measures and platform will bolster investor confidence in the cryptocurrency and digital property market in Malaysia, they added.

CyberSecurity Malaysia and MX Global said they reveal the same view it is necessary to establish plus strengthen cooperative initiatives relating to cyber security, cryptocurrencies and DAXes in Malaysia.

The overall goal of this MoU is to establish a general construction for cooperation in the areas of the technologies behind cryptocurrencies/Digital Possessions and DAXes.  

This consists of collaboration in r and d, joint solution development activities and conducting training and awareness programs related to internet security, cryptocurrencies, plus DAXes in Malaysia.

Amirudin Abdul Wahab FASc, chief executive officer (CEO) associated with CyberSecurity Malaysia mentioned, “Even our cash is digitalised since many of us spend making use of credit cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets, and today digital transfer via cryptocurrencies. ” 

“Thus, the particular MoU between MX Global Sdn Bhd and CyberSecurity Malaysia is timely to establish and promote cooperation in cryptocurrencies plus digital asset trades as well as increased understanding among Malaysians upon cyber risk reassurance, cyber risk evaluation and managing internet risk threats; in order to facilitate cyber resiliency of digital resource exchanges as well as safeguard Malaysian stakeholders, ” said Amirudin.  

Fadzli Shah Anuar, CEO of MX Global Sdn Bhd, mentioned cryptocurrencies are a popular topic in this era, but users should be vigilant on multiple fronts including safeguarding their own security whenever dealing with cryptocurrencies.

“To this end, we are honored to be able to draw through CyberSecurity Malaysia’s substantial experience in cybersecurity, to take what they have learnt in the common digital space plus translate that directly into what we hope will be best practices in the electronic assets space, ” he said.