Cross Island Line, residential development works at Turf City to begin after tenants’ lease ends in Dec 2023

Cross Island Line, residential development works at Turf City to begin after tenants' lease ends in Dec 2023


Turf City in Bukit Timah has been slated for residential use since the 1998 Master Plan.

“This is to cater to future housing demand and provide a variety of housing choices in terms of location, density mix and forms to meet the diverse housing needs and aspirations of Singaporeans,” SLA and URA said.

Last September, tenants at Turf City were given a final 18-month extension of their lease until end of 2023.

In the news release on Friday, SLA and URA reminded tenants that no further extension will be granted as the site is required for future residential development.

Turf City, which has been managed by SLA since 1999, is currently occupied by 15 tenants for various uses including retail, F&B, sports and recreation, childcare centres and motor vehicle showrooms.

The original tenancies for these interim uses were for periods up to Dec 31, 2020.

Since 2019, there have been two successive 18-month tenancy extensions to give tenants more time to firm up their transition and winding down plans, said SLA and URA.

“This provided most Turf City tenants with around a four-year lead time to plan their transition,” they added.

Agencies have already been engaging tenants to assist them in firming up their transition plans and will continue to engage them closely and share information on available sites for open tender, the authorities said.

All tenants can consider participating in open tenders for state land or properties, taking into account the final lease deadline in making their transition plans.

SLA said that it will also work closely with tenants on the return of state land or properties at the Turf City site on or before the Dec 31, 2023 deadline.

Last year, one of the tenants, Bukit Timah Saddle Club was asked to return an area of about 0.8ha from the first half of 2023.

The 0.8ha area within the club’s premises is needed for a worksite to support tunnelling works for the Cross Island Line, SLA and URA had said.