CNA Explains: Key career highlights of outgoing Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan and what’s next for him

CNA Explains: Key career highlights of outgoing Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan and what’s next for him


Some political parties have touted your pet as a potential usa president candidate, including Nasdem, the country’s fourth-largest political party.

As such, analysts think that it will not be the end of Mr Baswedan’s politic al career right after he leaves workplace next month.  

Political analyst Arya Fernandes believes that exactly what Mr Baswedan needs to do now is to await until political events nominate him for the presidential race.    

“I think his political career will still be bright, ” said the expert through the Center for Strategic plus International Studies.    

Mr Adi Prayitno, a political lecturer with Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta thinks that it is clear that will Mr Baswedan has got the intention to run in the upcoming 2024 selection.  

This individual said there are two important things that Mr Baswedan needs to ensure of if he or she wants to run in 2024.  

“First he has to make sure he has got the support of politics parties that make up 20 % of the threshold in order to nominate a presidential candidate, ” said Mr Prayitno.    

“So Anies must work hard because up to now he is being associated with Nasdem but Nasdem has not officially declared (him as its candidate). ”

This individual also needs to make sure that as soon as he is not the particular governor of Jakarta anymore, his reputation and electability remain stable.  

“Because there is the inclination that when one is not a public official anymore, his or her star quality fades, ” Mr Prayitno added.

Sharing a similar look at is political expert Ray Rangkuti through think tank Lingkar Madani.    

He thinks that Mr Baswedan’s popularity may decline somewhat after he leaves the chief excutive post in Oct.  

There exists a strong possibility with this especially when he is compared with defence minister Prabowo Subianto and Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo who will stay in their respective jobs for the time being.

“Does he have enough assets and source of money (to remain popular)? ” asked Mister Rangkuti, adding that if he does not have each, then his probabilities may fade just before 2024.