Chuvit posts money laundering claims

Chuvit posts money laundering claims

Whistleblower Chuvit Kamolvisit predicts the axe will soon fall on a “grey” business the former massage parlour tycoon alleges has been laundering money for a long-established online gambling network.

Mr Chuvit made the call in a post on his Facebook account on Tuesday night.

He said that later this month, a “grey” business organisation would be “dealt with” for laundering money for a top online gambling host operating in Thailand.

He said the host was a native of Songkhla province, had tens of billions of baht and had been in the online gambling business for a long time.

The man had bought three hotels in Tachilek of Myanmar, six houses in Poipet of Cambodia, an apartment building worth about 200 million baht and a hotel worth about 9 billion baht in England, according to Mr Chuvit.

He alleged the man later bought a casino from a senator and that a person with the initial “N” laundered his money. The two men had met through a retired actor, the former MP wrote.

He also wrote that the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), police and the Office of the Narcotics Control Board had received the green light from authorities to act against the business organisation suspected of money laundering.

According to Mr Chuvit, a warrant is out for the arrest of the Songkhla native for drug crimes, and the suspect is in London.

His Facebook post drew many comments, including from Facebook user Panthawat “Nott” Nakwisut, who said people should wait for the truth as to whether there was any money laundering, and if he were innocent, he would like Mr Chuvit to issue a correction.

For the time being, Mr Panthawat wrote, some people’s utterances were troubling him. Mr Panthawat is CEO of the Kong Salak Plus online lottery platform.

He took a flight to England last Friday for a break, saying it was needed after years of work. He denied he fled the country to escape legal action over suspicious money transfers.