Chuvit holds anti-BJT rally alone

Chuvit holds anti-BJT rally alone

Party kicks off city campaign

Political firebrand Chuvit Kamolvisit yesterday staged a one-man protest against the Bhumjaithai (BJT) Party as it unveiled 33 potential candidates to contest the polls in Bangkok.

The ex-massage parlour tycoon, who picked a spot at Kaset intersection near BJT’s head office, waved protest placards as the party’s caravan of campaign vehicles moved past him.

He later held a press conference to criticise the party’s pro-cannabis policy and alleged share concealment involving Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob, the party’s secretary-general.

There, Mr Chuvit defended his actions, saying he has the right to campaign against BJT, insisting he is acting in the public’s interest.

He denied being paid to discredit the party.

He also hinted he would scale down the anti-BJT campaign after the House is dissolved and election rules are enforced.

In the meantime, he promised to stage another one-man protest in Buri Ram, BJT’s political stronghold.

BJT party leader Anutin Charnvirakul yesterday shrugged off Mr Chuvit’s war against the party, saying he is not worried that it would harm the party’s chances of winning in the capital.

The party, which has no seats in Bangkok, is determined to gain some in the upcoming poll. It has recruited former Bangkok MP Bhuddhipongse Punnakanta for the job.

“Bhumjaithai is a party and people can examine it,” Mr Anutin said. “The party is ready to clarify [Chuvit allegations] if it is asked to do so by a state agency.”

Asked how their dispute would be resolved, he denied the party is engaged in a sparring match with Mr Chuvit.

Mr Anutin, who doubles as health minister, said after introducing his 33 prospective election candidates that the party hopes to plant its flag in the capital. He was joined by Buddhipongse Punnakanta, BJT’s Bangkok election director.

Mr Buddhipongse, a former list-MP from the ruling Palang Pracharath Party, said BJT is determined to solve problems in Bangkok with a new approach.

The party has divided the capital into four zones — northern, Thon Buri, eastern and inner — as a single set of policies could not be applied to the entire city, he said.

“We cannot deny that Bangkok is Thailand, the gathering place for people from all over the country who come here with hopes. Bhumjaithai is ready to serve people,” Mr Buddhipongse said.