China says Britain’s plans to disrupt Hong Kong ‘doomed to fail’

China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail'

HONG KONG: Britain criticized China’s six-month financial hub report in Hong Kong, saying it supported” anti-China” chaos rather than” good” societal conditions and a more stable business environment.

The remarks were made following the publication of Britain’s six-month report on the Chinese-controlled hub, which covered the period from January 1 to June 30, and stated that government had” extended the application of a Beijing-imposed national security law”” beyon genuine national safety problems.”

After occasionally violent anti-government protests rocked the area in 2019, Beijing enacted the broad legislation in 2020.

Foreign and Hong Kong officials have both stated that the laws were essential to restoring stability, despite criticism from some European governments that they restrict social and political freedoms in the area.

According to China’s foreign ministry, Hong Kong, which returned to the country from Britain in 1997, has” universal success” in putting the idea of” one country, two systems” into practice.

The number of people living in poverty in the UK has been rising in recent years, and murder rates have reached all-time peaks. What authority does it have to criticize the democracy and human rights situation in Hong Kong? according to the department.

” Strategies to sabotage Hong Kong are destined to fail.”