BMA vows water uplift for Hua Lamphong canal

BMA vows water uplift for Hua Lamphong canal

Bangkok chief excutive Chadchart Sittipunt offers vowed to improve water quality of Hua Lamphong canal due to pollution concerns.

The canal restoration project is a key event highlighting 2022 National River Conservation Day. Yet restoring it is a problem due to the wastewater discharged there from households and Klong Toey Market, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said.

Director of the Fresh water Unit of the Pollution Control Department, Dr Chaiyo Juisri, said the amount of faecal coliform bacteria (FCB) within the canal is in the hundreds of thousands to numerous units, as opposed to just 4, 000 systems in clean water.

The canal also has the biological oxygen need (BOD) of countless milligrammes per litre, much higher than the needed number of 1 . 5–2mg per litre.

Vice-president of the Federation of Thai Industries, Somchai Wangwattanapanit, said the work will be divided into three phases.

The first six months are for researching water information and constructing a pilot repair model.

The model will be used in the next 10-month phase, followed by the village renovation and water examinations in the last phase.